Our lake home is located in Royal, AR, which is on the west side of the lake from Hot Springs, AR.  It is a very peaceful, quiet, secluded location that is approximately 20 minutes from downtown Hot Springs.  It is a two bedroom home with one bathroom containing a shower (no bathtub).  Each bedroom is equipped with a king bed.  It has a large living room and dining area with French doors that open onto a spacious deck overlooking the lake.  We try to keep the house well maintained and stocked with the basic amenities.  On the waterfront there is a 600 sf. boat dock where you can sit back, relax, read a book and enjoy a refreshing beverage.  Parking won’t be a problem; the house has a detached garage for your vehicle and plenty of other places to park a boat, party barge or whatever water toys you decide to bring.


We enjoy hanging out on the deck grilling burgers/hot dogs/steaks.  The dock provides us a great place to watch the birds/boats/ducks/skiers and occasionally do some fishing.  We hope that if you visit our home, you enjoy it as much as we do.  We have made several improvements over the years, which we have documented in our Facebook photo albums.

Thank you.

The map below shows our approximate location on Lake Hamiltion:


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