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  • Payment
    • We do not take credit cards
    • We will accept cash, checks or PayPal (for the deposit)
      • Checks – allow two weeks for processing.  We will not accept check within two weeks of arrival.
      • PayPal – ‘Pay for goods or services’ option charges a service fee of $10.45.  When we refund your deposit, it will be minus the service fee.  ‘Send money to friends and family’ option does not charge a fee.  You choose which option to pick.
    • first deposit received will be the one booked

Please read the Guest Agreement.

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Guest Agreement 



Contractual Agreement:

By signing this contract you agree to leave the house in the same condition you found it with the exception of reasonable use and with the understanding it will be cleaned after your departure.  It is understood and agreed that the owner or agent shall have the right to enter and inspect premises at all reasonable times to insure the maintenance and safety of the unit.  You also agree to arrive at the house and depart the house on the dates outlined above.  Owner will ask guest to leave immediately if they are found to be in violation of this contract or any state and/or federal laws.

Additional Provision:

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of the house for any and all liability resulting in any injury from the use of the house, deck, dock, yard and its furnishings to your or your guests during the prescribed stay.

What we ask of you:

  1. NO SMOKING in our home.  This is a non-smoking household. If you smoke, do so outside and please do not discard cigarettes in the yard.  Smoking in the house will forfeit the entire deposit.
  2. No pets, we love animals, but not in our home.
  3. No family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, bachelor parties, large gatherings, etc. Our home is a family oriented vacation getaway.
  4. All items and furnishings must remain in the property and in original condition. Guest will be responsible for any damage or missing items.
  5. Please do not sit on carpet or furniture with wet swimwear.
  6. House should be left in a reasonably similar state as when you arrived.  Please do not rearrange furniture.  If you move it, put it back.
  7. Guest shall leave premises in a clean and sanitary condition upon exit. All dishes are to be washed and left in their proper place.  It is not necessary to wash linens or towels prior to departure.
  8. Refrigerator should be cleaned of any perishable items and trash deposited in can by street.
  9. Stove, oven and microwave should be left reasonable clean; i.e., the cleaning person should not have to clean large amounts of grease, baked-on or splattered food.
  10. Please respect our neighbors, their property and privacy. Refrain from ‘borrowing things’.
  11. Guest agrees to report promptly to owner any mechanical – electrical – plumbing – or other problems on premises.
  12. Leave the house keys and the garage door remote on the dining table.  Close and lock all doors and windows before leaving the house.

If you have a problem with any of the above items, you may wish to stay elsewhere, otherwise you stand to lose part or all of your deposit.  If you can abide by the list above, we hope you have a really enjoyable experience.

Security Deposit:

The security deposit ($350) will be refunded within 30 days after leaving the premises as long as there is no damage to the house or furnishings and guest have abided by items 1-13 of ‘What we ask of you’.

Cancellation Policy:

If you notify us 30 days prior to your reservation date, we will refund your full deposit. 15 days prior we will refund half your deposit. Less than 15 days, refunds will only be made only if we are able to rent the property for the same dates as you had reserved. If the property is unavailable to you through no fault of yours, all monies will be refunded to you.

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